Vouchers Simplified

Fast, Easy and Always Correct.

See It In Action

Save Time, Money and Countless Headaches

We've made vouchers so easy, you might actually enjoy them! Here's why:

It's Super Easy

Vouchers are created in seconds— no training needed. We have instructions, but you won't need them.

No More Errors

Gone are the days of mathematical errors or missed overtime. Vouch4It checks all that automatically.

Change 'em On The Fly

Easily change rates, overtime or line items— even while your talent is on the job.

Instant Approval

You can approve the voucher while the talent is still on the job! And the client doesn't get a copy until you've approved it.

Save Time

No more handwriting vouchers, waiting for talent to pick up and return vouchers or hunting down lost voucher.

Everyone Gets a Copy

Once approved, the voucher is automatically sent to the client, the talent and even your bookkeeper. Yep, we also help with accounting.

Clients Love It

They sign it with their finger, get the approved version right in their inbox and it's techy-cool. Oh yeah, they'll be impressed.

Talent Love It

No more time wasted picking up and dropping off vouchers. No more math. And they'll have all their vouchers in one place, forever.

Accounting Loves It

Accounting gets the approved voucher while the talent is still on set. Invoices can be created minutes after the booking is complete!

Here's How It Works

This simple process will change your life.

  1. Your authorized users login to our secure website and create vouchers.
  2. Once the voucher has been created, it's automatically sent to your talent's app on their phone.
  3. After the shoot, your talent fills out the specifics of the shoot, adding things like overtime or travel, and has your client sign it, right on their phone.
  4. When the client approves the voucher, it is then emailed to your booker for approval or revisions.
  5. Once the booker approves the voucher, the final voucher is then emailed to the client, your talent and anybody else you specify, like accounting and/or management.